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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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and today my guest on the program is new. this year israel has celebrated. for the jewish new year amid serious security was first that little piece has been driving these days following in famous u.s. made feature the face of property. tension is rising in israel too although no major trouble happens. next a war with iran is getting more and more realistic with the israelis. so how do these concerns a fact that a life in israel and its most important city. city mayor. mayor of jerusalem doesn't get paid for his job a self-made millionaire his modern go ahead and secular because jerusalem the brand works with marketing professionals to make it
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a number one tourist destination he has opened schools and rages the arthur dogs jewish community by allowing city services to work in the holy day but your barcott used to be an army major and he was wounded in lebanon the 1980's when asked about the status of the contested city he says there's no question. jerusalem belongs. welcome to the show thank you. well first of all let's talk about about this film the muslims which has caused fury. but what is surprising for me it's practically cause no trouble in israel itself so why do you think this is happening in one why are the. israel the muslims
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were tolerant. to this movie. well in jerusalem and in israel as a whole we promote mutual life coexistence lately in the last few years is one of the most quiet cities in the world we are upgrading the quality of life for residents it's a democracy so demonstrations are allowed but no violence is allowed so while we have demonstrations like in any other modern country and modern city we will not allow demonstrations to become violent and so people are welcome to this freedom of choice there's freedom of religion freedom of expression and freedom to demonstrate as long as you do it legally and these go very very well together you see that all residents in jerusalem and we have any conflict you can even think of we have it in jerusalem we allow demonstrations but to make sure they're peaceful but nonviolent
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demonstrations don't you don't get enough prince do that that while they don't get enough coverage fortunately enough produce i'm doing very well we're doing well in terms of culture tourism is up twice as much as we had five six years ago the economy's doing well we're growing about eight percent from year to year and all the residents if you look in query the residence they're much happier today when they were two three four five years ago so that creates a quiet relative quiet in the city which we're all enjoying you once you're in a city that the difference is money makes the difference the the better people live the less the bad politics and religious dogma is that true that's exactly the point we have a very strong correlation the economy is doing well and i think that all residents of of jerusalem are looking around for what's happening in the middle east where countries are falling apart and they understand that we are doing well economically . when winter rains it rains on everybody so everyone's joining the growth in the
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economy and has the wreck correlation in the cities much quieter than than in other places in the world well let's go back to that movie the amateur film innocence of muslims has sparked outrage across the middle east north africa and also asia now spotlights even the demeanor of a has warned that. muslims around the world are in sure it did by a coupe of the u.s. made film posted to you tube that mocked islam's prophet mohammed and angry crowds relit in front of us some bases and consulates in mass protests several dozen people have been killed and many more arrested one of the victims is u.s. ambassador chris stevens who died after protesters stormed the consulate in benghazi libya following the riots the administration of u.s. president barack obama was quick to condemn the film but that did not extinguish the fuehrer e indignation with the film led to his son nasrallah making his first public speech
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since two thousand and eight in front of tens of thousands supporters the leader of hezbollah has been in hiding for sixteen days after a month long war with israel strollo called for mass demonstrations and announced the beginning of a global complained to hold the screening and sharing of the provoked a film his stress that the world does not understand muslims deep reverence for the prophet mohammed during in supremely the ayatollah ali khamenei also expressed his anger with the mts long film and laid the blame for it not only on the us but on israel as well. as we just heard the everything seems to be quiet now in israel but but the turbulence sparked by the film is getting closer. to your city so are are you ready are you expecting something to happen because because before that as they were previous question you seem pretty sure that everything's calm there. it will become
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interesting well you know in the middle east you cannot predict the past so how could you even predict the future but the reality is that this is a privately developed film there is freedom of expression especially in the western world and of course in israel in jerusalem if people don't like it they can demonstrate they will get a license from us to demonstrate if they don't like it so we respect people's opinions we respect people's differences and marriage the city of jerusalem there's no problem there's no problem if people want to express anger or they have difference of opinions as to a specific film would you allow this specific film to be demonstrated in movie theaters or in public places like bars and somewhere in israel would you allow it as a mayor look they don't get a light they don't need a license to show anything on video if it was demonstrated it would start provoking unrest there is not would you still let it be demonstrated they don't need to have
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my license to show anything. pro israel film pro or arab film. we would request people to be respectful to each other and to respect difference of opinions and i think. i don't think it's smart whatever created that film is not smart but it's their own right and they have the right to do so so so it's not about what we allow or disallow we will allow demonstrations and we allow anybody to create any filmi once it's freedom of religious freedom of expression this is very interesting what you said because many leaders many authorities in case of that film would say well we do have freedom of speech and television and that mass media whatever but a film like that which is provoking unrest and even death of people is against it's breaking the law because it's provoking people to break the law so this is against the law. to make films like that so in your case you say you say that you don't
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care about the essence of a film you only care that people don't over react which means that you think what we see here it's not the movie it's over reaction a cut of the muslim there is no excuse for violence zero excuses for violence unacceptable in any terms even if you see something that you feel that. you can say the same about the cartoons scandal for example you know i could say about everything everything is the same you have freedom of expression people we can create films and by the way i've seen many many films and i've seen many many people express their appears against israel. well against christianity if you're going to really and they are allowed to do that i will condemn people trying to hurt other people and i think that the film is not smart. i wouldn't do such a film myself but the fact that i disagree with the film has nothing to do with the fact that they have a right to develop it it's
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a privately it's privately made and we have to make sure that people have freedom of expression freedom of demonstration because it's a democracy has nothing to do with the content that's a radical group from egypt recently announced its founding a new television channel to air movies like the innocence of muslims but about christianity about what he was talking about films insulting christians and jews do you think the christians and jews will react also as sharply as the arabs react well. i will subscribe to neither channel i will not subscribe not to this film and i will probably not see it the problem is that many of those most of these arabs didn't see the film too and i would not subscribe to the other films because my personal belief is different i believe in coexistence i believe in tolerance. and
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the fact that not everyone is tolerant doesn't mean that we have to be violent against them some people say that islam is. too radical to tolerate especially now but other people say that christians when christianity was as young as islam now were even worse than the radical islamists so what do you think is true and do we really have to wait till there are radical islamists grew up. well i'll tell you one of the reasons jerusalem is quiet because we're tolerant as a mayor and the whole country enables people to express their opinions the fact that you can express your opinion is key to coexistence the second thing is that if somebody becomes a violent we have to disapprove and go against people who know what we're told there and then we can see that i mean you know there are people that are violent there's a big difference between violence and freedom of opinion. it's
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a fine line but you have to be very very cautious not to cross it. and government of israel and i'm in a superlative will be keen to maintain freedom of expression and make sure people are not violent and violence will be aggressively pursued and we will not allow violence. of jerusalem spotlight we'll be back in a minute after a break so stay with. wealthy british style. expert on. the.
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welcome back to spotlight i'm al green of and just a reminder that my guest on the show today is nearby a consummate jerusalem post about that well we've been talking a bad radical islam and the radical islamic demonstrations these days as a reaction to that american film a but. we've heard of we know that there are also pretty radical ultra orthodox community in jerusalem can you compare the ultra orthodox with the with the ultra islamists ah the ah the equally dangerous for for this tolerance that you're a year you're propagating. well if you are about five percent of the autobots community in jerusalem which is about two percent of the population of the city there are perceived to be more radical two percent of eight hundred thousand people that's sixteen thousand people a lot but it's still two percent and one should remember that's two percent of the
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population and both the minister palin and the police know that if they cross the line and they become violent that's when they will be stopped and the police use lots of judgment to enable you know there's always a discussion of freedom of expression and when people become violent then they were stopped and today i think they also understand the rules of the game are that they can express themselves. but not become violent you should know that muslim population in jerusalem which is about thirty three percent of the population it's also very very small amount that are radical probably in one digit in terms of percentages and so for example in the last week there were a few hundred people demonstrating. that these are not big numbers and one has to remember to get some perspective as a mayor you have to have perspective and realize that the city is doing very well economically we're one of the safest cities in the world and every ten murders in
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moscow per capita we have one murder one tenth. the number of murders both crime and terror together in a ship but we wish to jerusalem today eight hundred thousand people a day and in most good wasco it's fifteen million whatever. figures are pretty much the same not only on our per capita had in two thousand and ten we had nine murders from crime and terror in two thousand and eleven we had five murders crime and terror together so we were the safest cities in the world listen while you are speaking about jerusalem being one of the safest cities this probably is true but we all know that still jerusalem. isn't a symbol of tolerance in the world well because we've seen where we've seen riots we've seen shooting seen and rest religious the rest my question is you are doing a great job i agree and maybe these really police or security forces they the may be called exemplary i mean for doing the right thing but my question is. why
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people living for centuries for thousands of years together at the same place and they still can't figure it out how to live how to live together how proud to be tolerant what one how can be except learned in your last to be tolerant even if even in jerusalem people haven't learnt to do it yet well if you want to understand a future yet understand the past when the people of israel left egypt and they came to the land of israel each tribe of the twelve tribes received a piece of land a piece of territory except jerusalem that was not divided to tribes it was united . and everyone felt the jerusalem belongs to him her as much as it belongs to other people the key to jerusalem suture is its unity and the fact that everyone coming into the city feels comfortable that indeed the city respects him as much as
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a respect others and almost four years meir were catching up with lots of the neglect in the past we're investing heavily in east jerusalem in all trotted ochs communities and found god is the city's growing eight percent from year to year and tourism is up so our economic growth and the fact that we respect each other is the key to the future of the city it has to be a united city that everyone feels that it belongs to him or her and respect for different opinions which is lots of tolerance and indeed you see that the key to the success of the city is its unity is it's a political respect one another but still you have been receiving you yourself would be receiving death threats recently is it true and do you do you take it seriously. well i haven't been receiving death threats lately as a matter of fact it's probably the other way around but i wouldn't be surprise
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there you have been threatening people but i would not be personally out if you talk about the country in the states unfortunately. it's something that we are aware of that you know this was reported in the press that you personally you know . one of the one of the few dozen mayors who recently received death threats. so this is not true there are people in the world that find it difficult that's true islam succeeding. however i believe that the success of jerusalem is not only important for its residents to scale number of tourists unable to open up jerusalem for the benefit of the world to enjoy we have huge cultural growth this year we had four times more cultural events than four years ago tourism is up since russia has taken we don't need a visa to come from russia to israel from israel to russia we see huge growth in
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tourism from. russian speaking countries to israel we are twenty five thousand visitors a few years ago today there's half a million russian speaking tourists that come to israel and jerusalem on the yearly basis and the number is growing very very nicely so you see that the success of the city has a very positive influence and some people don't like that if you call. a united city a city for a while but the problem the problem of east jerusalem still exists there and the the quality of life is different in the west and east part of this is that true. well depends what you compare the quality of life in them is much much better than the arab neighbors. if you compare the west jerusalem tel aviv it's worse so depends what you compare i've decided i have to tell you that it's widely accepted to catch up lots of neglect of the past dozen years or tens of years in the past in
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jerusalem and we're investing in rebuilding schools infrastructure it's very very well accepted both with the arab and non arab residents people understand how important it is to catch up and invest and take jerusalem out of its poverty and probably one of the reasons why jerusalem is so quiet lately is because of these investments is because of the mutual respect and the catch up and people see it and so now they realize that together jerusalem as much much better future and that's probably one of the reasons why jerusalem so quiet and so successful and maybe some of those threads that you talked about in the past. in one of your interviews you said that you're a business skills and you know you were a very successful entrepreneur helped you to messages city well as far as i know. your business was in the internet because of the i.t. business and you were famous as one of the one of the first and most successful virus killers in the world right through is there the part of your arm of your
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business world that helps you manage the city killing viruses well it's more about the entrepreneurial spirit in the thinking out of the box and focusing on where jerusalem's core competitive advantages are that's in culture tourism and in subsegment of the high tech which is health sciences these are areas where we excel and we have a lot to offer and when people come to jerusalem the towards the do come to drew sloan go back as ambassadors of the city the city is doing well and it's more about entrepreneurial. business skills managing growth in the city which i believe my background is relevant. in the question well recently i've heard that many young arabs today quit iraq schools and the plan for proper jewish education and they want to have to have jewish diplomas rather than that their
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average diplomas why is that a problem. it's not a problem on the contrary. the point is that in east jerusalem. a lot of the muslims work the curriculum that was palestinian and i believe in residence that is really curriculum in the way of teaching it's much better. so you have a transition more people that care about the future of their kids are interested in what's the best education for their kids can get in order to apply to universities around the world or in israel and to become more successful news there is a migration to better education system it's optional it's not mandatory and people are lately because maybe it's because it's optional people migrate to the israeli system which gets them much much better off in life but isn't it possible to somehow help the. educational facilities in east jerusalem which you criticize
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become better and become accepted in major universities well i don't criticize them guy you actually did i mean you do precisely the lead the. education system in these jurors live in the situation where you can i do believe that is really system is much more modern much more open it's not based on repetitive teaching. jordanian or the palestinian system it's much more open up your brain think out of the box it's a better system to train and i would look at the truth differently the rabbit culture is different like it if you look at how they are educated the better set is already they have a choice yeah you know you have a choice use the palestinian system they could choose their israeli system it's their choice and we would option give them the option to choose whatever system they want and we do see a growing number of residents that prefer. it's much more western oriented the way usually by the way you should know that there is an american system there are other
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systems and there's really system for me. as a mirror and a portfolio of education we will enable people to choose the way they want to educate their kids as much as possible and indeed we see growth in the number of people that choose israeli systems well i promise in the beginning going to talk about you around but you really running out of time so i just want you just to say yes or no sort of we have reports that people in israel are really very much frightened by real possibility of a war with iran that can have happened do you think this is a real threat or is it exaggerated i believe they were indians and they want to wipe us off the map and i believe that what they're saying or that's what they're saying and i believe i have no reason not to believe the radiance therefore and by the way it's not only us it's not only are we maybe first in line but they're listen to what they're saying listen to what the arab and unfortunately what the muslim radicals are saying we may be first but we're not last and while people
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say they're going to use nuclear weapons to wipe us out i think that it must be taken care of thank you we interviewed the mayor of jerusalem with his new book that's it for now for all of us are if you're not new sales but might just drop us from spotlight will be back with more comments on what to be in and out of the show until wednesday r.t. can take. there are many ways to go. if you haven't got enough not to be really richard. you can snatch some nuts from the forest squirrels.
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